My Platform

See Details Below - Boositng the Economy Is The Key

Abandoned Buildings and Drugs

  • Work to attract good paying jobs to the Kanawha Valley., mainly spin-offs of the natural gas boom in West Virginia. This will make the abandoned properties needed and lessen the drug problem.

Abandoned Buildings Directly

  • Introduce a nuisance law making owners of abandoned buildings financially responsible to neighboring residents.
  • Introduce legislation to help our county governments deal with the abandoned properties and gain financially in the process.

Drug Problem Directly

  • Work for stiffer penalties for drug dealers, including lesser sentences for persons arrested with smaller amounts should they provide information leading up to the arrest of persons higher up in the distribution process.

Teachers Pay/PEIA

  • Work for legislation leading up to Regional Boards of Education. Millions of education dollars can be saved to go towards teachers pay and PEIA.


  • Work for lower taxes on our citizens and businesses. Sales and personal income tax in West Virginia can be lowered if we take advantage of the natural gas boom.
  • Cutting out the Business and Inventory tax will give our business more money for growth and help attract the spin-offs from the Natural Gas Boom.

Economy and Jobs

  • Legislation to attract new industry and helping the myriad of different industries we currently have in West Virginia grow.


  • More job training opportunities to support current and new industries. Of course all of the economic growth related legislative initiatives noted  above will have a positive effect on job growth.

My Platform In Detail

Education and PEIA *********** Regional Boards Needed******

Teachers pay and the PEIA funding stream is definitely a problem in our state. 

For some reason, no one has addressed the issue that there is nearly $8,000,000 a year spent on just county superintendents.  Plus a myriad of administrative personnel, assistant superintendents and so on have a high dollar cost to  run every county board of education.

While we have encountered a drop of several thousand enrolled students just over the pasty year alone, only a few school boards have taken any financial actions regarding the loss in student enrollment.

With enrollment and cost considered, as well as, the number of children served by each county board of education, it is time West Virginia implements regional boards of education. By doing so, millions will be saved and the children can be better served while not effecting teachers or school service employees.

The millions saved can go towards a steady stream of funding for Teacher and School Service Employees pay and helping make a dent in the PEIA.

It is a radical idea but it is my opinion that when problems exist, one has to look outside of the box to get something positive done.

Abandoned Buildings and Drugs*** It Is the Economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A walk down almost any given street in Charleston you will run into several empty houses or buildings in horrible shape. I talk about a cure for the current problem below. We also have a drug crisis to deal with and I have that in a separate section.

While we have to correct the current problems, do we want to be playing a game of whack-a-mole with abandoned houses and the drug issue.

The reality is, IT IS THE ECONOMY.

Over the past few years in the Charleston area, thousands have left. The lack of good paying jobs in the area is the reason.

With thousands having left and more leaving, it is only natural that Charleston will have empty homes to contend with.

Then there is the drug issue,  The National Bureau of Economic Research, Vanderbilt University and Colorado University and others have shown there is a direct correlation between the economy and use of hallucinogenic and prescription pain relievers.

There is a direct correlation between the abandoned housing and the drug problem. Hardly anyone is looking at the cause, THE ECONOMY. 

West Virginia is in the perfect position to grow economically like never before.

Coal is one resource the state needs to boost. One thing people fail to mention is the use of coal for hundreds of product other than coal fired power plants. Mining provides thousands of jobs related to the industry and theses are good paying jobs.

The petrol chemical industry is an an area that can put WV back on the map in terms of chemical manufacturing.

The industry is already providing thousands of good paying jobs in the extraction of natural gas. The big pay-off, however, can be in attracting the spin-offs of the industry.

If we can attract these spin-offs to the Kanawha Valley, then we can see thousands of jobs come back and as a result, our population will grow and the abandoned home problem will turn around.

Drug Crisis***************************

The opioid problem is bad in West Virginia and now we are seeing heroin and opioids in Charleston being replaced by meth coming from the Mexican cartels.

There are professionals available to help those currently addicted who really want help.

Let's be realistic, the short drug court classes do not help as much as they are intended, some people just go through the motions.

While the opiod problem is leveling off, it is quickly being replaced by other drugs.

Stricter penalties for drug dealers must be in place. If a user is incarcerated, their jail time may be waived to only ten days if they giver truthful information as to who they purchased the drugs from and a successful arrest is foregone.

Available funding from the federal level must he gained by the state and put to good use in terms of rehab

Abandoned Buildings ***************


Although it is a statewide problem, the issue of abandoned houses and buildings is very prominent in Charleston.

I have walked a lot of streets in our City and it is nothing to have two or three abandoned houses on any given street. 

These empty buildings exist on the East End, Bigley Avenue Area, West Side and North Charleston.

We  have to have a plan to do something about this serious issue that  endangers our families and is often breeding grounds for criminal  activity.

I first want to look at the current problem.

  1. Should someone own one of these unsafe buildings and neighboring  property owners suffer a loss of value in their property, then a  nuisance law needs to be in place, giving the adjacent property owners  the right to file legal action for the amount of loss in their property  value.
  2. If an owner cannot be found or if the owner that was subject to  the legal action is unable to pay the amount owed, then the county will  be given ownership with the right to sell the property to the highest  bidder and the cost for clearing the property will be included in the  cost and a 2% fee paid to the county for its' cost of action.
  3. Should the property be consider in such condition that it can be  rehabilitated and put to use, the county may, after taking possession of  the property, sell the property to the highest bidder and the winning  bidder will have 60 calendar days to rehabilitate the property and have  the property occupied or it reverts back to the county. with the bidder  loosing all monies invested.
  4. In all instances regarding bidding and taking ownership of the  property, the adjacent property owners will have first option to obtain  the property in an initial bid involving only them.